Ho ho ho!

This is the 100th post, boys and girls!

It is really heartwarming to see how many of you still beleive in me and how many of you were kind enough to submit something.

But it is not enough, the naughty list still too long.

5 more days left, use it to contact me with your hot selfie, dont hesitate otherwise you may end up empty handed!

Submit, so all of you can have a happy holiday this year!

Ho ho ho!!!!

Ho ho ho!!!

Hello boys and girls!

My day is coming, only one week left, and I can feel that you were very naughty this year. Nothing but coal for you. :(


To show you how generous I am, I give you one more chance to change your reputation!

All you need to do is to send me a really naughty (and by this I mean hot ;) ) picture of your beautiful body! Boys can send me pics of their girlfriends :P

Here’s how:

email it to: therealnaughtysanta@hotmail.com
clicking on “Submit a picture”

Dont hesitate, the clock is tickin’!

Happy holydays! Ho ho hooo!!!